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"The Lewis Center for Educational Research is built on the premise that success is the result of building mutually beneficial partnerships. We have striven to build the Academy for Academic Excellence around this principle. As one of only two Charter Schools in the Nation to be part of the National Association of Laboratory Schools, the AAE is a very different public school. Unlike neighborhood public schools, children are not compelled to attend, they and their parents make a choice to attend and as such agree contractually to be part of the work we do; work that we hope will eventually make positive impacts on all schools in the United States. The partnership with parents is in our opinion, the most important part of our work. The input we receive from those who know best the children we serve is invaluable in our effort to meet the academic needs of every child we serve. We welcome parents to partner with us as we strive to provide students with a loving, caring, and nurturing educational environment."

Lisa Lamb - President/CEO
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